In order to produce product of being able to meet customers’ demand and match the market needs, The FARSONICS has introduced CAD/CAM system and is positively carrying out development of package etc; by three businesses (technical development, production technique and process technique) in one body in manufacturing new products.
In order to manufacture hermetic package for electronic device consists of glass and metal, every part and manufacturing process is carefully and perfectly manufactured out by The FARSONICS, so that needless to say, besides glass perform, all jigs relative to manufacturing are developed by The FARSONICS.  Furthermore, assembling of manufacturing equipments and machines for surface treating as well as dipping are also designed and developed by The FARSONICS.


Glass button forming machine
Kinds of glass button
Hermetic Glass Sealing Furnace
Automatic Plating Line
Spot Welding Machine
Auto Solder Dip Machine
Ultrasonic Washing Machine
Ni electroless Plating line
Barrel type Plating
Sn-Bi  Plating line   

Sn Pure  Plating line   

Rack type Plating 

Jig Cleaning Auto line Blackening Line Paint remove